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Balblair Whisky and Cragg & Tail

Dramming in Style

Craig Mckellar

Balbair Cragg and Tail

Intro: In December 2018, we partnered with Balblair, a vintage Scotch whisky, founded in 1790.

When it comes to the festive season, there’s nothing quite like indulging in style, and with the launch of our partnership with Scotch whisky, Balblair, you could do just that. Fine Scotch whisky, luxury shirts and a subtle flash of tartan go hand in hand and with every purchase from Cragg & Tail until 31st December 2018 you were able to receive a complimentary miniature Vintage 2005.

With our Scottish heritage and uniquely designed shirts, along with unique vintage Whisky distilled in the Scottish Highlands, our partnership was a natural fit.

Just like every design is different, using genuine tartans from centuries ago, so is each Scotch whisky, from its location and water source to its still shape and wood policy.  With deep Scottish roots producing vintage whisky in a distillery centuries old, Balblair connects with us on a special level.

Just as our shirts help connect you to the beauty of Edinburgh and Scotland, so will having a dram of this fine Balblair.  

To celebrate our partnership, we launched two competitions on social media giving two lucky fans the opportunity to win a bottle of Balblair and a Cragg & Tail shirt, which were enjoyed by the winners!




Discover more about Balblair here.